Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book?
How long is a piece of string? There is no set answer to this question but for the date that you want it is advisable to book as early as possible to avoid that date being taken. I do take bookings up to 2 years in advance.

Do you have a contract?
Yes, for yours and my piece of mind. Why add stress to hiring a Disc Jockey by not having a written agreement that your function will be covered? I take my responsibilities seriously and a written contract shows that we are both committed to your event.

How do I know you will turn up?
In over 30 years in the business, that has never happened! The only way I wouldn’t turn up is in the unlikely event that I am ill on the day but being a member of the South Eastern Discotheques Association (SEDA) I have a number of professional contacts who can fill my place.

My venue has said the DJ must have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment. Do you have this?
Yes I do. My Public Liability Insurance is up to 10 million and all my electrical equipment is tested every year. All certificates are available for inspection.

What do you wear?
For most functions black trousers and shirt and for weddings I always wear a suit and tie but I can also wear black tie if required; even Fancy Dress if that is your dress code for the evening. The choice is yours.

What music do you play?
That is entirely up to you . With over 10,000 plus songs at hand, I have always got any style that you care to choose. Any style, from Bhanga to Beatles. From a Foxtrot to Funky House. My collection ranges from late 1940s to current chart hits. I have always followed the latest sounds and I am just as happy and comfortable playing for a 16th Birthday party as I am for a 60th Anniversary party.

Do you do Children’s Parties?
Yes, from 5 years old upwards. Usually they are two hour long, due to the kids have short attention spans, and I do involve them in party games as well as playing music. I do require a little parent participation for the younger ones but not for teenagers.

How loud do you play?
I play at a level that is fitting for that time of the evening and is acceptable for all guests. It won’t be too loud at the start of the evening if everyone is still arriving and catching up with each other but when the party is in full flow, I will use my experience to gauge the right level to create the right atmosphere for your party/function.

What if your gear breaks down?

Although most of my equipment is under 2 years old there is always a chance that a fault could develop unexpectedly which is why I always carry back-up equipment ,to ensure that the party can carry on!